Stomach & Core Massage

Take Care of your Core

Did you know that humans have more serotonin receptors in the gut than in the brain? Conditions in the gut have been found to influence mental state and contribute to the development of mood disorders. For this reason, belly massage can have real, all-around benefits physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Core massages have been practiced for centuries—not only do they relieve digestive upsets but they can also improve immune function. A gentle massage that focuses on relaxation, our abdominal massages can be especially helpful for those experiencing constipation, bloating, muscle tightness, or extreme cramps from menstrual cycles.

This therapy can tackle emotional stress collected in your abdominal and core through a constant soothing physical pressure. Even psychological symptoms like anxiety and insomnia are positively impacted by the effects of stomach massages.

Stomach massage and abdominal massage have been used to:

  • Support the effectiveness of intestinal functioning
  • Soothes minor intestinal discomfort
  • Relieve lower back pain
  • Help correct postural abnormalities

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