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Taking care of your body is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your quality of life. Whether you are a pro athlete exerting constant strain on the body, a casual runner with achy knees, or a desk worker with poor posture, Body Assist Massage has the ability to reshape your body and life.

I have seen massage therapists weekly for many years to address muscle tension, pain, fatigue and discomfort due to scoliosis. Chris from Body Assist Massage has a unique regimen that includes trigger point therapy as well as deep muscle massage therapy that has eliminated the pain, fatigue and discomfort. I continue to see Chris weekly to maintain this state and to stay on top of the recurring muscle tension. My quality of life is finally where it should be. Thank you Chris!

-John Stricklin

I recommend Chris Sanchez as a highly competent, professional and well educated massage therapist. I have known Chris for several years as both professional sports medicine advisor and friend. Chris is very able to locate sources of pain and work to alleviate such. Chris is very trustworthy, polite, and reliable; he is also very strong and well able to handle this areas of damage.

-Dr. Ann Clark

If they gave out black belts for massage no doubt Chris would have one. Very knowledgeable about his craft and really loosened up my quads and legs after long days of dance rehearsal. Do yourself a favor and book him.

-Arturo Hernandez

Lee and I were so lucky to have friends recommend Christopher several years ago. He is masterful at his craft and gives us the BEST massages we’ve ever had. That’s a big statement considering we’ve been having massages for decades. His knowledge of trigger points has made it a must for us to book him regularly to unknot the muscles. We love that he continues to educate himself as he perfects his craft. And, he’s absolutely delightful!

-Bethany Derrough

I’ve worked with Chris for over two years, and have come to depend upon the relief that his deep tissue massages provide. I’ve had many, many massages over the past 30 years and Chris is by far the best. His extensive knowledge of physiology makes his techniques therapeutic as well as enjoyable. He is especially skilled at targeted deep tissue, trigger point manipulations. Chris is also very reliable and trustworthy. I wholeheartedly recommend him. So happy to provide this testimonial, but I am reluctant because I don’t want to lose you or my time slot. Promise me I will keep my slot as your business continues to grow. Today’s massage felt great! Thank you!


I can’t thank these guys enough for all their help. They created a comfortable, and safe space environment that allowed me to really relax. Chris attended to me and used a variety of massage techniques, some of which I had not had even heard of yet! My favorite part about the session was how knowledgeable Chris was in the techniques he was using. As we continued, through the session I asked him a lot of questions. He answered them all thoroughly, and with a clear passion in his voice. Even after we had completed the session, I asked him some very specific questions pertaining to the field of athletics I train in and he gave me some great suggestions. I use those suggestions in-between sessions and they help greatly in preventing old injuries from flaring back up. I’m planning to maintain a long athletic career, and I know that Chris will be a staple in my body’s longevity.

-Alejandro Barajas

Be proactive when it comes to your body’s health
Treat your body with care
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