Foot Reflexology

The Base of Support

Foot reflexology has been used since ancient times to address issues throughout the entire body. The hands and feet are made up of reflex areas that correspond to different areas of the body through the nervous system. Pressure points on these areas sends a calming message to the central nervous system. The resulting overall relaxation helps affected areas function at their best.

The practice can help relieve stress and insomnia, manage pain, and improve digestion and eye stress. We target the reflex points on the foot with repeated pressure and careful manipulation of nerve endings to not only relax the body but restore the flow of energy through your body. If you have specific issues to resolve, we can focus on specific areas of the foot to address them, but will also make sure we work on the whole foot.

Foot reflexology has helped our patients with:

  • Relieve headaches, sinus problems, and stomach issues
  • Address bodily weakness and organ imbalances
  • Improve blood flow
  • Alleviate swelling

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